Friday, July 27, 2012

Pizza Themed Gift

This is the last post regarding my cousin's Bridal Shower. Scouts honor. When looking at my cousin's wedding registry, I had originally intended to buy her the electric tea kettle and percolator she requested and then personalize it with two DIY created mugs, a box of tea bags, and two teabag scoopers. However, due to my perplexing inability to do anything on time, they were snatched from right under my nose. Never one to panic, I saw that she still had pizza related items on her list and sought out to purchase them. Here is how I made my pizza themed gift.

Pizza Stone, Pizza Stone Scrubber, Pizza Wheel Cutter, Dough Scrapper, Apron, Two Mittens, Pizza Cookbook, Pizza Dough Recipe (Printed)
Not pictured: Pizza ingredients including: yeast, pizza sauce, olive oil, artichokes, and olives; wrapped in a separate box.
*All items purchased at Williams Sonoma or Crate and Barrel. 

After I packed all the items into the pizza boxes, I wrapped them in bakers twine. Silly me forgot to snap a picture of the finished product. Le sigh.

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