Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony Party

Rule #1 when creating a DIY fascinator: Build up, not around.
That was the lesson I learned when I went to New Jersey on Friday night to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony and do as the Londoner's do: wear fascinators (that we made out of paper plates, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, beads, scraps of wrapping paper, feathers, and flowers.) I dug through the craft drawer in my basement and found supplies so old that the bags of feathers had price stickers of less than a dollar. My family clearly has attachment issues. Because we're obviously voting for team USA, we ate pizza to keep the American spirit alive and finished the night drinking tea, eating scones, and taking goofy pictures wearing hats that would make the Queen smile and Kate Middleton green with envy. (Ha, as if she wouldn't look incredible in green?)

What did you guys think of the Opening Ceremony!? (Creepy inflatable baby anyone?)

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