Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bridal Shower Party Favors DIY

For parties, some people prefer ordering favors and I can’t blame them; there are so many cute items out there to share with friends and family at the end of a special get-together. We however, (“we” being my mother, aunt, cousin/maid of honor and myself) decided to make our party favors to cut costs and add a touch of creativity for guests to bring home. The idea to have teapots was decided fairly quickly – the teapots were store bought and we decided to wrap them in tulle and pretty ribbons. To make it more personal, a teabag was custom ordered with the bride’s name, date, and a cute tea-related message, and attached to the ribbon. We displayed the teapots by the door for guests to grab on their way out. Here is a very simple way to DIY party favor, teapot style.

Supplies Needed: teapots of your choice; tulle, simple ribbons, decorative ribbons, scissors, single hole puncher, teabags (we custom-ordered ours)

Directions: 1.) Make sure your teapot is clean and there are no dust particles lingering. 2.) Measure the tulle around the teapot so that it not only fully covers the whole teapot, but is plentiful at the top when bunched together. 3.) Tie the tulle at the tipy top of the teapot with simple ribbon. 4.) Punch a hole in the top right corner of your teabag and string through the simple ribbon, tying securely in place. 5.) With the larger decorative ribbon (in the color and design of your choice) wrap around the simple ribbon making sure to cover it. 6.) Tie a pretty bow making sure that it doesn't cover the teabag and voila! Repeat as many times for as many guests as you need.

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