Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where's Winter?


winter mornings
These past weeks have been quite a strange experience weather wise. The first and only time I have seen snow this season was on Halloween; the fluffy white powder hasn't made an appearance since and there were even some days in November where it felt like spring weather. While the temperature has dropped a bit since then, I still don't feel as if I am in a winter setting. I know it's not officially winter until the 21 of December, and I do enjoy not having to brace myself right before I exit through my front door, but at the same time, one of the charming things about Christmas is wearing all of the winter accessories! It's very difficult to be content when wearing a sweater, hat, scarves, and gloves, and then sweating through them on a brisk walk around campus. Until the snow rolls in, I'll just keep myself in a winter wonder by listening to Christmas music (particularly the new Michael Buble Christmas album), coming up with Christmas craft ideas, and drinking hot chocolate.


meg said...

Yeah! For Michael Buble! cold and snowy here. I just want to hibernate.

All the best to your week. Love the green in your room..btw.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i know how you feel. i usually spend my winters in florida where it doesn't get that cold. i find that decorating helps to put you in the mood if you're still waiting on the weather to cool down before you can start layering in cardis and sweaters :)

ellie said...

Hot Chocolate helps, I hope you get your room all decorated. And all the best on finals too.

Samantha said...

Cute blog! :)
LOVE Michael Buble, I haven't heard his new album yet though!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's just starting to get cold in LA. It was in the mid 80s about two weeks ago.

Marta from With Love... said...

It sure does not feel like winter in Toronto, it would be terrible to have Christmas with no snow :(

My Best,