Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bad, Terrible, Awful Blogger

I know, I know, it's been a while since my last post. Rather than make excuses for why I haven't posted recently (there are none,) I'll just compose a quick list of things that have happened these past couple of weeks of March and what's coming up in the life of little old me. With some pictures to accompany of course.
Party in the streets :)
* The first weekend of March, all of Binghamton came out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early in the form of Parade Day. There was floats, beads, kegs, eggs, chocolate chip cookies, seeing old friends, and a lot of good Irish atmosphere going around.
* My friend confirmed that her wedding day is June 24 and we were all super excited discussing it. Her colors are orange and yellow with her bridesmaids (myself included!!) wearing orange. I inundated her with wedding blogs because you know, that's what I do.
* I got a new laptop - an HP Pavillion since my trusty old Gateway crapped out on me and finally just died. So much for trusty.
* I'm helping choreograph a small tango routine with a former teammate on top of choreographing my own Samba and Foxtrot routines for an event we are hosting on campus - Dancing with the Greeks, a Dancing with the Stars inspired competition. I want. to win.
Mac and Cheese cups - not healthy at all I know, but honestly, I'm eating clean. Pinky promise :)
*I've been making a bunch of different recipes usually predominately the same ingredients but am sure to include a whole lot of veggies and fruits.
* I didn't make a sacrifice for Lent this season; rather I am going to church every Sunday. I missed it the second week of Lent and woke up at 6:30am to make it to the 7am mass the following Monday. I guess you can say that I'm sacrificing sleep in a way.
My green, green, green outfit on Parade Day with some brown thrown in

* I'm heading out to Boston this weekend to compete at MIT's annual Ballroom Dance competition and am super excited and sad as this is my last one!
* Spring break is in two weeks so I'm looking forward to going home for a bit, especially because I have a date at the spa with my mom and sister and am going to meet up with my summer internship supervisor. 

I'll hopefully be posting more frequently as my days as a college student are winding down and I want to remember everything! So here it goes! Also, you can see my Parade Day escapades from two years ago here


Maddy said...

Sounds like you've been busy! But it also sounds like you're having lots of fun :) Hope you record the tango routine. I'm sorta tango obsessed! I need to learn!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're always happy for everything you do in your life!
Take care dear
Have a wonderful weekend

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia

Elsa Su said...

Yummm look delicious!

Christian said...

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