Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These Past Few Days...

I am ashamed to admit that I've been in hibernation mode these past couple of weeks. With the exception of the holidays, I have been a certified couch potato. As much as I love being home on break, the days filled with a whole lot of nothing get tedious and I long for the moments where I am running from library to lecture hall. I've always been like that though - while I look forward to breaks to have some down time and be with my family, I love how active life gets throughout the semesters.
Don't worry, it's not a real horse
This past Thursday, I met up with some high school friends to catch up over sushi. On Friday night, I babysat my little cousin, slept over, and made a quick trip down the next morning to the Upper East Side where I met up with my friends again for a tour of the Guggenheim Museum. The main exhibit by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, showcases his takes pieces of past exhibits by hanging them haphazardly on display from the top of the Guggenheim rafters. Everything is all mixed up and the pieces seem to be carelessly thrown next to each other. Because the pieces seemed to have been thrown together recklessly, when you moved around the exhibit, there were new pieces to discover behind the larger pieces that blocked it. Though I found it intriguing and fascinating, I really felt that the admission price of $15 was a bit steep. Here is a brief background on the artists and the exhibit from the Guggenheim site that you can visit here:
 "Hailed simultaneously as a provocateur, prankster, and tragic poet of our times, Maurizio Cattelan has created some of the most unforgettable images in recent contemporary art. His source materials range widely, from popular culture, history, and organized religion to a meditation on the self that is at once humorous and profound. Working in a vein that can be described as hyperrealist, Cattelan creates unsettlingly veristic sculptures that reveal contradictions at the core of today’s society. While bold and irreverent, the work is also deadly serious in its scathing critique of authority and the abuse of power."

Other special exhibits on view included Kadinsky's Painting with White Border, Pop Objects and Icons from the Guggenheim Collection, and Surface, Support, Process: The 1960s Monochrome in the Guggenheim Collection. 
Central Park
After spending some time in the museum, we grabbed a late lunch at Lexington Candy Shop, a cute little luncheon that is reminiscent of American "Pop" History. It was like eating at a place that was frozen in time from the 1940s. There are authentic dusty Coca-Cola bottles from around the world displayed in the two front windows, autographed pictures of celebrities that have visited, and an original menu displayed.
Belvedere Castle
The two bff's

Not a random stranger, just my friend :)
After grabbing a quick bite, we wandered around Central Park for a while and took silly pictures. By the end of the day I was exhausted and my feet hurt from all the walking. This upcoming weekend is going to be fairly busy as well. On Thursday, I'm meeting a friend that goes to school in Boston to catch up over lunch and frozen yogurt, on Friday I'm volunteering at a ballroom dance competition, Saturday I have a "Pampered Chief" party to attend, and Sunday, I'm volunteering my afternoon again to the dance competition.

What plans do you guys have!?


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Woah what a cool exhibit!!! :D
And it sounds/looks like you had a pretty good time the past few days :)

meg said...

Such fun photos! You have been busy!

Maddy said...

It's ok to enjoy being a couch potato! You had a tough semester at school, especially with the whole flooding situation. You deserve a much needed break :)

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Love your photos!

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Sweet post. Love this!

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Such fun art!

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amazing pictures...the exhibit looks really interesting...hope u had a fun weekend

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Wow it was really shocking when I thought that was a REAL horse! X