Monday, March 14, 2011

It's In The Bag

Ciao Darlings,

Midterms are well underway and the idea of having three tomorrow, all in a row, is a tad bit intimidating. Thankfully they are all classes that I'm really interested in and don't mind studying for. The only problems that I face during testing times is not the actual studying, but deciding to take my books and open them. Once I start, then I'm on a roll, but that initial first moment. With that said, here is a form of procrastination: doing one of those awesome "what do you carry in your purse" posts.

Items include: pen, hand sanitizer pen, Juicy Couture wallet, Flip Video recorder, Nikon Coolpix camera (not shown,) chapstick, house keys, museum ticket, second hand book (Lucia in London - to be read on the plane en route to London), a couple of bobby pins, and a hair tie. Nothing very elaborate but I need my two camera's always on me in case something awesome needs to be captured and I just purchased the book today in the Paperback Exchange bookstore for only 2 Euro. Can't wait to read it when I'm on my way to London in a couple of weeks!
Eternally yours,


Closet Fashionista said...

Oyy good luck on your exams tomorrow!!!!

Sherin said...

Good luck on the exams! Love all you have in your bag. I love being nosy, hehe. It looks really organised.

Maddy said...

I carry pretty much everything you have including a Kindle, iTouch, journal and day planner... I know too much stuff :o/ Good luck on your midterms!

Haute World said...

Hope your midterms went well! I don't envy you... exams are the one thing I don't miss from my university years. I used to lug so much stuff around until I got my iPhone (which replaced my camera, books and notebooks). I understand wanting to carry two cameras though!