Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let It Snow

Hello Darlings,

I wore this number the other night to see two of my friends star in a mainstage production of Little Shop of Horrors. One of them was the lead (Seymour) and the other was one of the do-wop girls. They were both fantastic and it was a great night all around. The next evening, I went with Megan and her friends from her acapella group to go see the all boys acapella group on campus, The Binghamton Crosbys. They were amazing as well.

Earlier in the evening, I had my first practice with an athletic staff member for a "Dancing With the Stars" type performance I will be doing in a few weeks. Basically, the athletic department of our school is having a holiday banquet with their staff members and their families. The entertainment for the evening will be this competition; I will be competing against two other teammates on ballroom. If you have ever watched Dancing With the Stars, it is pretty much like that. I got very lucky with my partner as he is not only such a nice guy but has got a great competitive edge and outs up with my challenging choreography.

 I am wearing: Blouse: (Pinky); Jeans: (Levis); Jacket: (Macy's); Heels: (Charles David); Necklace: (Vintage)

I've been extremely busy these past couple of days, getting last minute details ready for my semester abroad. There is so much paperwork to be done and I am really disappointed with my school's study abroad advising office. Anytime I have important questions, they either refer me to call the programs office, to go search on the Internet, or to go to a different department. There is a lack of professionalism and ultimately, they are very misinformed and confusing. I'm just anxiously awaiting for this part of the process to be over and for the fun part to start (Shopping? Traveling? Yes, please!) Does anyone have any tips for traveling alone in international airports? I'm quite nervous part.Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Eternally yours,