Friday, March 19, 2010

Wild For The Weekend

Hello Darlings,

Well another week has come and gone and I continue to inch ever closer to Spring Break. While shopping the other day with some friends, I promised that I wouldn't buy anything unless it was from The Spring Trend List. Unfortunately, I didn't find any pieces at good prices, but I did come across this fabulous T-shirt!

I am wearing: Shirt: (Old Navy); Jeans: (Levis); Coat: (White Stag); Sneakers: (Nike)

Normally, I don't like printed T-shirts or shirts but this one was just too cute to resist. It was an impulse buy as it was the splashes of color that quickly caught my eye. Once I saw that it was a ballerina and there were beads sown on in various places, I knew that it had to be in my closet. I paired it with a light spring coat that I found in ... *drum roll please*... Wal-Mart! I must say that I have had this jacket for over a year and the quality of it is amazing (I also have the same one in a maroon color).

There have been many fabulous blogs that have addressed the issue of quality over quantity and whether it is worth to buy a piece of clothing that is cheap but might not last over time verses a more expensive item that will serve you for years. Well this coat is the best of both worlds: It is comfy and long lasting while I only paid 3$. Yep, that's right: 3$.

Grace and funk all found in one T-shirt :)

Well now that classes are done and work is over, all I have left of my Friday is to practice for ballroom (I have a performance tommorrow) and then get "Wild for the Weekend"

Tell me, What are your plans for the weekend??


Hope Chella said...

I think this is an adorable t-shirt :) My weekend plans are up in the air!

daisychain said...

cute tee! have a lovely weekend x

S.Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous shirt! I love the colors. I don't shop at Walmart, mostly for political reasons (I know I sound like a freak!), but I love finding things for cheap and discovering just how good their quality is!

nookie said...

awesome t-shirt and only 3$,you so lucky!

Maddy said...

I had a wonderful time this weekend! The weather couldn't be better. And $3 coat!? I love awesome finds like that! And I love Walmart, especially the Super Walmarts in PA. You can find *anything* there!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your Levis, darling!


Treacle said...

That is definitely a great t-shirt. Hope you had an awesome weekend!