Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Trends!

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick post before I have to go do some last minute studying for my midterm later this evening.

While reading the March 2010 issue of Glamour Magazine (with fashion idol, Victoria Beckham on the cover) I saw a really good article about some trends for the upcoming Spring season. After reading the article, I was happy to know that there are a couple of items that I have in my closet. Some of the ones that I don't have are easily accessible. Usually when I see trends on the runway or in magazines, it's hard for me to find those pieces in stores; these seven items seem like they will be very easy to find in stores and will be fun to pick out!

Springs Best Extras: If you buy nothing else this season, pick an accessory from the seven key trends here. Just one will gussy up any piece you own!

Spring Trend 1: Patent Platforms
Spring Trend 2: Colored Necklaces

Spring Trend 3: Fringe Bags

Spring Trend 4: Glam Sandals

Spring Trend 5: Bright Sunglasses
Spring Trend 6: Whites Watches

Spring Trend 7: Floral Earrings

Well, I'm off to cram some last minute theorists into my head. After my midterms, it's practice, practice, practice. With these above trends though, I cannot wait to shop for spring. I think I'll go to the mall on Saturday as a reward for all this studying and look for some of the above trends.

Have a lovely Tuesday Everyone!

All information and pictures courtesy of Glamour Magazine March 2010 issue and glamour.com


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I was just reading the magazine last night! I love all the makeup tips and trends inside! xoxoxoxo

Maddy said...

I love Glamour Mag! I find the have great "real world" suggestions for average girls like me :) Happy shopping & good luck on midterms!

Julia said...

Ooh I can't wait to pick up some of these! I love accessories shopping. I think I most want patent platforms and a fringe bag.


nookie said...

I need to shop a bitt:)

Couture Carrie said...

I am so excited about the shoe trends!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, fringe bags...yay! So perfect for the bohemian look I'm constantly aiming for. Thanks for the tips, my love!! :)

Michael St. James said...

I'm right there with you on the fringe bags! They were everywhere in the Spring collections. I think my favorite was from Marc Jacobs!


Treacle said...

I have that issue too! What did you think of the D&G bodysuit they put Victoria in? I'm lusting after one of those right now. :-)

P.S. I've changed my domain! Please don't forget to update your bookmarks to http://www.thelingerieaddict.com. Thanks!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh I have some of these trends too, yay! Good luck with all your schoolwork!

Marz said...

I LOOOVVEEE Glamour magazine, and this issue was really good. I just got the Amanda Seyfred issue too!

deep_in_vogue said...

Right there with you, honey, school's been kicking my butt. Thanks for sharing these tips! xo