Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Necklace

I was having a lazy Saturday afternoon and decided to try my hand at creating a necklace from paint chips that I picked up from a Home Depot one day in anticipation of doing a crafty project. This was a pretty simple and fun project so have fun picking colors and trying it out for yourself!

Supplies: Paint chips in the color and number of your choice (I choose eight shades of orange/brown); scissors, glue, a hole puncher, string (you could also use a chain)

Directions: 1.) Cut out the colors you want to use and lay them in the pattern that you would like the colors to look. I choose an ombre effect starting with light colors and fading to dark. 2.) Turn them around and trace a line starting from the middle of them bottom to the left side, and a second line to the right side. Trim the outside triangles. 3.) Glue them together underneath each other, with the top color being on top and the darker colors being layered underneath. Make sure to leave colors of the below chips visible. 4.) After the glue has completely dried, cut out a triangle at the top. 5.) Punch a single hole on both the right and left side. 6.) Tie string on one end and measure it around your neck, the length depending on how long or short you want your necklace to fall. Tie the string into the second hole.
*Tip: My string frayed at the end, so I took some tape and taped it behind so it couldn't be seen
Tomorrow we are going apple picking and I couldn't be more excited. The fall season may have just begun but my favorite activities are well underway. Happy Weekend!

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