Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Party Planning

This upcoming Sunday is the Academy Awards and I'm planning on having a small group of friends come over to my apartment to study and comment on the red carpet fashion choices, watch the awards ceremony, and to have an all around good time. I'm trying to get into a party hosting groove - at the beginning of the month, I was planning my roommates 22nd birthday as a surprise party on Superbowl Sunday (her actual birthday) but due to a large group of people having diverse plans, it was changed to the Saturday night before and was ultimately a success! My friend and I made Sangria and bought simple snacks and though I didn't cook the recipes I had planned for, the next evening was fun sitting around and watching the commercials and game (though I still don't understand how it works.) For my Academy Awards party, I am hoping to make two or three gourmet snacks I discovered on Pinterest, and a cocktail from this awesome website I discovered a while ago.
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Happy Wednesday!


meg said...

How fun about your upcoming gathering.

Maddy said...

I always enjoy the Oscars! I'm especially excited that they have Billy Crystal hosting it again :) He's my favorite host of all time! I hope he's still got it ;o)

ivy's closet said...

I watched the ABC special last night about who's up for an Oscar. Now I'm hyped.

lucy and sarah said...

How fun. Although, I don't think I liked the movies this year as much as last years. My favorite is THE ARTIST.