Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healthy Weight, Healthy You

I'm really trying to eat a cleaner diet this semester and trying to work out more. That's one of the best things I find about doing my own grocery shopping - I try to stick to buying fruits and vegetables, lean meat, healthy snacks, and pasta (yes, I know it's a refined carb which you are supposed to stay away from but I needs me some pasta in life.) I have quite the sweet tooth, but there is just something about living on my own that makes me eat healthier and shy away from comfort/boredom snacking.
When I hung out with a friend over winter break, she left me a link for a pilates video on my Facebook wall and today was the first time I tried them out. I am now officially obsessed. Here are two videos [one and two] for beginners that introduces you to pilates basic form and techniques. The first is a total body workout and the second is an ab workout. Enjoy!


Erica said...

I have yet to do pilates, I'll check it out!
And good for you to still include pasta and all foods in your diet. I think a lot of people go way too extreme and then can't stick to it.

Anyway, great post :)

meg said...

Thanks so much for the links! I'm so glad you are sticking with all those healthy choices!!

lucy and sarah said...

Love the links. Great about the abs one. Cool post!

Maddy said...

I always feel the effects immediately when I make healthier choices :)