Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drop Everything Now

I was never a fan of Taylor Swift. I find her songs to be irritating, not to mention that almost all of them sound the same from the lyrics to the notes and melodies. I also noted a trend in her lyrics where she puts other girls down when the guy of her affections no longer is focused on her (prime examples: You Belong With Me, Better Than Revenge, Speak Now). Regardless of what I hold against her, I went with my sister on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to Swift's last concert of her Speak Now tour as an early Christmas gift from my brother. I knew most of the songs from always hearing them, but the few that I didn't know, I was easily able to pick up and sing along to the lyrics.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself! The concert was great - the sets were beautiful, the special effects included firework type sparklers, confetti, a rotating tree, a flying balcony, and a stage that threw the performers up from the stage. The background dancers were incredible and demonstrated various types of dance from ballet to acrobatics. I'll give credit where credit is due - the girl can perform. The only thing that bugged me was how she would pause at the end of every song and listen to the crowd scream. Yes, I understand that there must be no greater feeling than hearing all of the loud screams from the thousands of fans while performing in Madison Square Garden at the conclusion of your tour, but still, I grew tired of her smirking at the crowds. Maybe I'm bitter that 20,000 people weren't screaming for me. It is possible.
While I'm still not completely devoted to her, I have changed my opinion on Taylor Swift and respect her as an artist and definitely as a performer. Selena Gomez and James Taylor came out to duet with her which was a fun surprise although I'll admit that I have no idea who James Taylor is.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift? Do you love her, like her, dislike her, loathe her?


meg said... so much for sharing this with us!

ivy's closet said...

Love the update. What a fun concert to go too.

ellie's desk said...

Love the pics from the concert. Must have been a great time for you guys.