Thursday, November 3, 2011

Buckle Up: Adventure Calls

When I figured out that I wanted to be a Pan Am stewardess for Halloween, I dove head first into research. Below is the inspiration for my Pan Am costume this past Halloweekend. I have been watching the show weekly and used the site as a useful resource for inspiration pictures and the helpful printable version of the Pan Am logo, the stewardess pin and the cap pattern. As previously mentioned, I found my navy suit and gloves in a church rummage sale (a whole bag of stuff for a mere $1) and bought my bag, blouse, and shoes at my local mall (the most expensive of the outfit)

Hair and Make-up Inspiration:

Rosy lipped and fresh-faced

Winged eyeliner
Pan Am 1x05 “One Coin in a Fountain”
Pin straight hair and bangs
Minimal make-up; a very natural look
Straight hair and winged eyeliner
Uniform Inspiration:


Maggie Ryan 

 And for your entertainment, a video I discovered on the beauty and glamour of the 1960s Jet Age. I hope if for next Halloween, you want to dress up as a Pan Am stewardess, this posts helps you!

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✿Cathie✿ said...

I love, love, love Pan Am. :) I wanted to be a stewardess this year, but decided on Alice. Your costume is just darling! Great find on the bag.