Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple Something

A promising set up
With the temperatures dropping, summer is long gone and autumn is slowly leaving us too. To cross some final things off of my autumn to do list, I decided to make an apple pie. I had the apples all set, all of the ingredients, this recipe (filling only), and the promise of an easy, no bake crust. I was ready. I started peeling the apples; what I thought would have taken 20 minutes at best, took me around an hour. My arm was tired, my fingers were near sliced off so I just said "too bad" and decided not to finish peeling the amount of apples required. I made the easy crust in two minutes (all that was required was an addition of water) and I shrugged off the fact that I needed to dust it with flour. Well, guess what: I needed flour. On top of the crust dough being too sticky, I also lacked a vital rolling pin. This wasn't going as planned, so I decided to improvise. I rolled the sticky dough out in my hand and made different shapes that I could fill with the apple/sugar/cinnamon filling. It went from being an apple pie to apple turnover mutations on crack. I had so much apple filling leftover that I dumped it into a store bought crust (that I was planning on using for a pudding pie) and threw both "creations" into the oven.
Post-exhaustive peeling but still, a glimmer of hope
Don't let them fool you; they look better than they tasted...and that's saying something
They came out decent at best. Because the crust dough wasn't rolled out, the apple mutations were too crusty and thick. As much as I love pastry crusts, too much crust and not enough filling do not make a good combo. As for the sad excuse of an apple pie with no crust cover, the apple filling dried out and, though I ate the whole damn thing, I enjoyed it only a little bit. Oh well. I'm not discouraged and will definitely try making a pie again during the next apple season, but for now, I'm going to turn off the oven and leave it to the pros: Mrs. Betty Crocker
Happy Halloweekend!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Mmmm...these look positively scrummy, Stephanie! I LOVE apples during the fall season! :)