Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poolside On The Fourth

Hello Darlings,

This weekend I had some really fun plans to go up to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to reconnect with all of the new friends that I made in Florence and bask in the sun on a sandy beach, preferably with a cocktail in my hand. Unfortunately, plans got canceled (which has been happening quite a lot these past few weeks..grr!!) but luckily we moved them over to next weekend of the 15.

I still had a pretty relaxing, albeit uneventful weekend, that was filled with party planning, babysitting, shopping, and reading. On Monday, for the Fourth of July, my family and I, minus Michael who is busy studying for his Bar exam in Boston, went to visit my aunt and my cousin and took a gander over to the pool she joined. It was a lot of fun! My cousin as adorable as he is, always cries whenever he sees me so I'm determined to make him like me! I played with him for a bit in the kiddie pool and pushed him on the swings, so he warmed up a bit, but still was not the happiest camper.

I am wearing: Shirt: (DKNY); Shorts: (The Gap); Flip Flops: (Old Navy);  
Bag: (Gifted); Hat: (Nine West); Sunglasses: (Betsey Johnson); Necklace: (Swapped)

After swimming with my mom and sister for a bit, we joined my dad and aunt back at the chairs and laid out in the sun for a bit. When we went back to my aunt's house, I took a quick shower to feel clean again and ate a cheeseburger and some fries. Very American of me, I know. After we got back to our house, we went across the street to my OTHER aunt/uncle and my cousins (they're both older than I am and thankfully don't cry when I am near them) and watched some fireworks from their back porch. Sure, fireworks are illegal in the state of New York, but that sure doesn't stop people in our neighborhood from buying them and setting them off. Pure entertainment for me.

I hope you all had a wonderfully fun holiday! 
Tell me, what were your plans on such a festive day?

Eternally yours,


Maddy said...

I'm kinda bummed that I missed all the 4th of July festivities this year! Nothing like watching the fireworks and eating BBQ. Oh well... there's always next year! Glad you made the most of your celebrations :)

molly said...

That is such an awesome hat! I was wondering if it were crochetted. Great post! Sweet poolside.