Monday, June 13, 2011

June Bug

Hello Lovelies,
Ah June, my favorite month of the whole year, not just because it is my birthday month, nor is it that school is out and that summer has just begun. I can't exactly describe what it is about June that makes me tinge with happiness but I always feel like I'm on cloud nine. Maybe it's the fact that we open all of the windows in our house to circulate fresh air into the rooms or that I can go in the backyard and bask in the sunlight on my grassy green yard. All I see within the next couple of weeks leading into the rest of the summer is fresh fruit salads, BBQs, family dinners on the backyard porch, long days to read pages and pages of novels, hanging out with old and new friends, beaches, and even perhaps a small road trip.

 I am wearing: Blouse: (H&M);  Jeans: (Sevens);  Sandals: (Steve Madden);  Bag: (Florence Leather Market); Thumb Ring: (Swapped); Necklaces: (Handmade in Kenya Fair Trade)

I wore this little ensemble the other day when I went to see my sister's a dance competition. It was a warm day but we were in an enclosed auditorium so I tried to balance keeping cool with denim capris and a light blouse. I had a back up jacket tucked in the car, just in case it got too chilly in the auditorium.

I got these three separate necklaces from my dad when he came home from a business trip in upstate Albany. There was a little craft fair outside his hotel where a table was selling fair trade necklaces in which full proceeds go to Jedanda Modern Handicrafts, an "organization that works with individual artisans throughout central Kenya and helps provide a worldwide market for Kenyan crafts people who no longer can rely on the tourist market for sustainable income." These necklaces were all handmade! For those not familiar, fair trade means that "the artisans are paid a fair price in advance for their products and work in safe working conditions." My dad bought three, the two shorter ones for me and my sister and the longer wrapped one for my mom. While my mom appreciated the thought, it was something that she wouldn't wear and so, she gave it to me. I'll admit that if I were to see it lying on a table, I would have easily overlooked it. However, it seems that when an item is gifted to me, even though I wouldn't initially pick it out for myself, it somehow manages to transform into something that I would wear. And so, while each necklace would have worked on their own, I decided to make it a triple threat and pile them on all together for a quirky, fun vibe that clashed with the flouncy frills of my blouse.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday!

Eternally yours,


The Blonde Duck said...

I love summer and I LOVE those necklaces! They're gorgeous. I love buying pieces from artisans--it makes it so special.

When's your birthday?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, the way you've described the month of June is just magical - love it! I am also loving that bag - the color is perfect for summer! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Okay I love that top AND those necklaces!

jamie-lee said...

Very cute outfit, and I love the fact that those necklaces are fair trade!

Maddy said...

June gets the excitement and buzz of the summer going :) So I can see why it's your favorite month! I really like the H&M blouse.. definitely my cup of tea!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh i love that orange bag! and i love summer too. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love your necklaces!