Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Croatian Craziness

Ciao Darlings,

This past weekend, the usual gang took a 12 hour bus ride through northern Italy, passed into Slovenia and arrived in the beautiful Split, Croatia! The weather was pretty chilly and not ideal for beach weather, but the city was filled with friendly locals, a brand new hostel, bustling markets and vendors (I bought so much fruit, some coral jewelery, and lavender satchels) and delicious seafood. The best part was that the kuno, the Croatian currency, was a lot cheaper than both the euro and the dollar so that everything was so much cheaper. I am both proud and ashamed to admit that myself and Christy were the only two champions who went to the evenings pub crawl and saw it through to the end.

Another fun part of any trip, especially this one, was the hostel. We stayed at Golly + Bossy which was a department store that was converted into a brand new hostel. It was so new that it was still being refurbished. The beds were not beds but pods, beds in the wall - I had a really difficult time climbing to the top bunk-pod. i met this cool kid who was literally backpacking through Europe through Help Exchange, a site where you can exchange work at farms, hostels, etc. in return for free accommodation. It's how kids these days are seeing the world.

Fish dish - including head and tail

Fresh strawberries and juicy kiwi

I bought some fresh smelling lavender fro myself and my mom

With a limited number of weeks left until I return home to New York, I'm starting to panic - I'm not ready to leave. I'm creating a bucket list of normal everyday things that I need to do while in Europe.  
Do you have any suggestions??

Eternally yours,


Couture Carrie said...

What gorgeous photos!
I would love to visit Croatia someday!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I seriously wish I would have done this while in college. I regret it so much now. Glad you are having so much fun. The first pic is amazing!

Maddy said...

Hahaha!! I think you should be proud that you're enjoying every second of your time abroad to the fullest! Because you'll look back on these times and be glad you did! Croatia is BEAUTIFUL! Now I need to add it to my list of places to visit :)