Thursday, February 17, 2011

Notes From A Fashion Studentessa

Ciao Darlings,

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Intro to the Fashion Industry. Here are highlights from the last three weeks worth of notes. Look forward to next week when I bring about a new crop of fashion notes!

Notes from 02/02/11:
  • When we get bored, we want change; without change there is no fashion
  • What makes fashion interesting is that it is always changing
  • One has style by wearing fashionable clothes suited to themselves
  • People who have good taste also understand quality and simplicity
  • Individual taste is often referred to as personal style
  • Classics are pieces that are not datable while fads come and go
Notes from 02/09/11:
  • There are two types of Fashion Leaders: the fashion innovators and the fashion role models
    • Fashion Innovators use unique fashion to create their style, may be new and out of the ordinary
    • Fashion Role Models use fashion that mass consumers can follow, they set realistic trends
  • To create personal style, you can use other people's clothing as inspiration and decide what works best for you
  • Wear your clothes, don't let your clothes wear you
  • Be a master of your own appearance
  • Fashion victims blindly follow trends without thinking and only buy a brand because it is a brand
Notes from 02/16/11
  • The thinner the fiber, the softer the material
  • Chose vactuna over cashmere as it is softer and more valuable (also much more expensive)

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