Thursday, February 3, 2011

Culture Shock?

Ciao Darlings,

First off, let me just say that I am not experiencing culture shock. I have been here for a week and am so thrilled, excited, and fortunate and am in no way homesick. I do however miss my friends at Binghamton terribly and I wish, more than anything, that my mom could be here. She was born and spent her early childhood here in Italy and I know that she was so excited for me to go (as well as stressed as she helped me get a lot of my papers and documents ready and worried about my safety) but I feel that she d love to be here just as much as I want her here. I wish it so much that I actually feel guilty that I am lucky enough to be here and that she cannot. So it is not the culture shock that I am experiencing, it's the guilt. I'm debating telling her because I know that she will beg me not to feel guilty and to just enjoy my self (which I am!) I know that I will feel better once I know that both her, my dad, sister, and hopefully brother will come at the end of the program in May. She would just love it and I would love to go back to her hometown and explore for a day or two and then travel around a little more with my whole family in tow. Let my power of persuasion begin.

Another thing that is a bit unsettling is that I still am at odds with gaining a sense of direction here. At home driving to places is easy because I have gone to the same places over and over. If I am ever walking in Manhattan, it is designed in a grid shape so it's fairly hard to get lost (unless I am downtown where there are no numbers and only street names - that's a bit more challenging.) I miss the feeling of New York but I LOVE the city of Florence. The age old architecture, the museums that I pass every day to class, the style of both young and old residence, the language, the beauty, everything! It's going to be so hard to leave in May.

I am wearing: Peacoat: (Macy's); Scarf: (The Gap); Denim Jacket: (Forever 21);  
Dress: (Soltaire); Tights: (H&M); Flats: (Unlabeled); Headband: (Unlabeled)

 I definitely need to invest in a nice quality camera. 
My little hand held Nikon is darling but just doesn't do it :(

As for my outfits, I have been very happy with how I packed and what I have been wearing. All that I really need to pull my wardrobe together are knee length boots as I was unable to buy any when in the states. I wore this outfit today when me and CJ, my friend from Binghamton that is coincidentally on the same program as me, searched for dance studios to take private ballroom lessons in. I'm so excited to continue my training as well as taking an Intro to Ballet class! I will do a post about my classes soon. Stay tuned!

Every morning these artists get up and paint murals on the streets for 
tourists enjoyments. The paintings last the length of the day until the street 
cleaners wash over it with their vehicles. How tragic and beautiful!

Buona Notte (Good Night!)

Eternally yours,


Closet Fashionista said...

Yea...I know what you mean...I would feel a bit guilty too, haha...but enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty!

Maddy said...

I know your mom would want you to have a great time! So don't feel guilty...just enjoy this time of your life than will be gone before you know it :) And I'm sure before you're done, you'll know the city like the back of your hand!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Beautiful photos! The second one is so inspirational with the illuminated clouds.

I can only imagine how torn you must feel. Just try to think of it this way, your mother experienced the region when she lived there. Now this is your chance to do the same and get to learn more about her in the process. I'm sure she's so proud of you :)

And that mural? That's ridiculous. STUNNING! What a magnificent talent.