Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because The Airport Hates You: Tips For Packing Super Light

Ciao Lovelies,

Just a short post with a few recommendations on how to pack light so that you won't have to pay a disgustingly high amount to check in a bag for a short one hour flight. Flying to Barcelona this past weekend taught me that lighter is better. The airline only allowed one personal bag on board with certain weight restrictions (and then they didn't even weigh it in the airport - go figure!) and to get the most out of our short time in Spain, we didn't check into the hostel right away so we had to carry our bags with us.

I literally brought the bare essentials:
  • In my "Across The Shoulder Bag":
    • Wallet with just enough money plus a security bill (for emergencies)
    • Flip video camera
    • Trusty hand held camera
    • Phone (turned off so I didn't get roaming charges but had for emergencies)
    • Keys
  • In my Carry On:
    • Two changes of thin T-shirts
    • A long sleeved sweater
    • Enough undergarmets
    • Leggings and a shirt for pajamas
    • Travel sized toiletries
    • A snack of inexpensive crackers that I bought in the supermarket
I wore the same shoes all three days (the most comfortable high heeled boots ever! My feet eventually hurt but it was from the walking, not the shoes. Best 15 euro spent EVER!) I showered using my friends flip flops and a travel sized body gel (skipped washing my hair - natural oils makes it healthier!) and sucked up not bringing my own pillowcase. The bag I brought got a little heavy because it was heavy to begin with. Next time I might buy a lighter bag and see how that feels.

This is only packing for two days since I only stayed in Barcelona for that long - we'll see how packing goes for when I travel to countries for three or four days!

Ciao For Now!

Eternally yours,

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Maddy said...

I try pack as light as possible! I can survive with a week worth of clothes in our carryon luggage :) I'd like to think that's pretty good packing skills :)