Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips For Packing For A European Adventure

Hello Darlings,

It is quite a feat that I almost found impossible: Placing four months worth of clothes, accessories, supplies, needs, and lets face it, wants, into one 50 inch suitcase and one 42 in carry on. It's a feat that one must undertake with an open mind and pure determination to, in the wise words of Tim Gunn, "make it work." So here are some tips and tricks that I have found from research and my own personal triumphs from shopping to squeezing things into any available nook and cranny imaginable.

In The Store:
  • Go through everything that you have already that you are bringing and then make a list based of what you don't have but need. Then shop for only those items. Remember, little space means little room to impulse buy.
  • Go for basic items. You can get more use out of plain and simple items if you mix and match them with accessories. ie: A plain black tee is less recognizable than one with ruffles or a notable design.
  • Use accessories to add that extra charm to any outfit. A good accessory really makes what you wear stand out. The best is you can wear accessories by themselves or mix and match these as well.

When Packing:
  •  I'm really trying to under pack because I know I'm going to bring plenty of things back for myself and family. I'm trying to keep my check in luggage half full and fill to capacity my carry on luggage. When I return, all of my carry on luggage items will go into my check in bag so I can keep my souvenirs safely with me.
  • In case my check in luggage gets lost, I brought enough clothes with me for one week that I could survive on in my carry on luggage.
  • I've been filling my sneakers with socks to maximize space and dispense my shoes throughout the suitcase so it's not top heavy. 
  • Lock your suitcase with a small lock and key and add a strap around the entire suitcase in case the flap falls open.
  • Bring a few snacks in your personal bag as well as important papers, electronics, and money. I'm going to buy magazines once in the airport and be on my computer during my whole layover (6 hours!)

What I'm Bringing:
  • Shoes
    • Walking sneakers
    • A wedge sandal
    • An open toe black heel
    • Closed toe walking boots
    • black ballerina flats and patterend ballerina flats
    • Slippers
  • Clothing
    • One color T-shirts (To be layered under thin jackets and sweaters)
    • Two cropped jackets (one denim, one cotton)
    • A bunch of thin sweaters
    • Two chunky sweaters
    • Jeans: (dark denim, light denim, black denim, denim capris)
    • A pair of black leggings
    • Four Sundresses
    • A white summer skirt
    • A black short skirt
    • Tights
    • Three sets of pajamas (thin but warm)
    • Disposable undergarments (I can omit these when packing for home)
  • Toiletries (Travel size for my carry on; I'll buy full size when I'm there and then throw them out before I leave)
  • Laptop, Camera, Flip video camera, phone, iPod, and all of the chargers for each item, adapters and converters
  • A lot of costume jewelery, belts, hats, scarves, and gloves
  • Two light travel guides and one language dictionary
It was extremely hard to pick and choose my clothes and I really had to play around with items to make sure that weight was distributed evenly so I don't have to pay the crazy charges for having overweight luggage. My mom has definitely been so helpful and smart with packing. I hope I can manage without her coming home in May!
I'm off for my 4:40 pm flight. I'll write again when I'm in Florence, Italy. See you in Europe!

Eternally yours,

Photo Source: Vogue UK


    Closet Fashionista said...

    WOAH CRAZINESS!!!! That is a lot to pack for...
    Thats a pretty good list too, you packed well!! I'm going to have trouble packing for just a week....hahaha
    I hope you have fun! :D

    daisychain said...

    Have a great flight x

    Couture Carrie said...

    Awesome tips!
    Bon Voyage, darling!


    Maddy said...

    Safe travels! It's going to be an amazing experience and I can't wait to hear all about it :)

    Cafe Fashionista said...

    Ah, this post just gave me a serious case of wanderlust. I want to go abroad so much!

    Have a fabulous, safe trip, Stephanie; I can't wait to see you in Europe, my love!! :)