Monday, December 20, 2010

See You Next Fall, Binghamton!

Hello Darlings,

While I am getting ever so excited in anticipation for my semester in Florence next month, I am filled with bittersweet feelings. Because my friends and I are moving into a house for our senior year, last Wednesday was my last day spent living in a dorm, and Tuesday night was my last time having Meg as my roommate. We are living together next year on the same floor (literally, you step out of my room, take a couple more steps and your in her room - we are that close to each other) but it just won't be the same! I'm beyond excited to FINALLY have my own space (I share a room with my sister at home and before that, when I was a wee little girl of five and younger, I shared it with my brother) but am going to miss coming into the same room and sharing a space with one of my best friends. Also, not being in a dorm feels like I am one step closer to graduating and I can't handle that - I want to stay in college forever!

Our empty room :( This breaks my heart!

I'm now home and have started at an internship at a magazine in Manhattan. Stay tuned for more information - an outfit post is coming up soon!

Eternally yours,

Photo Credit: Meg's phone


daisychain said...

How exciting! Much love x

Maddy said...

I know what you mean, I wish college never ended :( But enjoy it now to the fullest!