Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michael Buble Concert at the Prudential Center

Hello Dolls,

While I was home during my Thanksgiving break, I was delighted to go see one of my favorite muscians, Michael Buble play live at the Prudential center in New Jersey. My cousin invited me to go in October and we bought the tickets as soon as possible. I treated my mother to the concert and we went along with my aunt and my two cousins. Instead of trying to beat through the crowds and spend endless hour of searching for a parking spot, we skipped the Black Friday Rush. Last year the lot of us left a couple of hours after our Thanksgiving desert t go to an outlet store in Long Island since we heard that the outlet stores were open all night. We drove an hour and a half to the outlets, were overwhelmed by how many people there were (people parked their cars on the side of the road and walked to the stores, climbing over fences might I add), and turned around and went right back home. After getting stuck in another hours worth of traffic. Needless to say we didn't repeat it this year. Instead we had a relaxing Friday morning and afternoon and enjoyed our evening with Mr. Buble. It was the perfect way to end my Thanksgiving break.

Natuarlly 7,an acapella group opened for him. They were incredible! My cousin kept  asking me if they were using instruments behind the set, but they were not. It's absolutely incredible how they were able to transform their voices into sounding like legitamite instruements. They covered Phil Collins' "Feel It (In The Air Tonight)" and played a couple of their orginal songs. Then there was a short break and Michael came out onto the stage. He started with a new song off his album, played some favorites of mine like "Everything," "Just Haven't Met You Yet," and a beautiful acoustic version of "Home." I was hoping that he would play "Lost" but he did not which was sad..it's one of my favorites! He played his new song "Hollywood" which was incredible because he brought out Naturally 7 and he also did some favorite covers. His encores included "Feeling Good" and he ended the show with a meaningful song to him but one I could not recognize.

The funniest part of the night had to be the fact that our seats were so high up, something that my aunt, who is terrified of heights, did not know. She was clutching the seats andkept saying that this was "not good, not good." The seats were still good eventhough I do wish we could have sat closer. I just wanted to be closer to the essence of Michael Buble!

Eternally yours,


daisychain said...

Aw I love Micheal Buble! So jealous x

Closet Fashionista said...

wooo!!! I love him :D

Maddy said...

SO exciting!! My sister is into him, me not so much. But he's got a great personality! I've heard him interview on Z100 and he seems like such a fun, down-to-earth guy!

Marta from With Love... said...

Sounds like a tone of fun, Michael is the best :)

Anonymous said...

such a great day, dear!!
little bit jealous of it
*LOL :p


Pinkie Anggia