Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black and White On Wednesday Night

Hello Lovelies,

I wore this outfit on a past Wednesday night when a few friends and I decided to get off campus and go downtown to hang out. It was a chilly night so I brought a sweater but made sure it was thin enough to put in my small bag; the bars get hot and stuffy once inside. I went with the simple black and white palate because I am becoming extremely tired and bored of wearing jeans with all of my outfits. These white jeans are actually capris that I wore the boots with so as to make them look like a full jean. The top was a simple black tank and I accessorised with a glittered headband.

I'll be honest that although it wasn't a late night, I did have an 8:30 am class the next day so I made sure to set a whole bunch of alarm clocks.

I am wearing: Tank: (Charlotte Russe); Capris: (The Gap); Boots: (Unlabeled)

On Friday, in the early afternoon, I will be traveling with the Ballroom Team to Nationals in Ohio! I'm so excited to return (this is my second year going) and I am eagerly awaiting to have fun on the dance floor and to hopefully return with a couple of ribbons. *Fingers crossed!!* The best part of the weekend is the 9-11 hour bus ride each way where our team has an awesome time in each other's company. I'll write a post on Nationals and the weekend events on Monday evening :)
Eternally yours,
[Author's Note: I made it to class on time!]


daisychain said...

you rock white pants!

Maddy said...

Road trips are always a blast!! Have fun at Nationals!!