Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White After Labor Day

Hello Lovelies, 

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day and a great long weekend and that you got back into the swing of things today whether it was going back to school after a fun summer or going back into work (or both.) Earlier today I went with a girlie of mine to do some mindless shopping. I didn't buy anything because nothing I saw really caught my eye. What I love about stores during this time of year is the transition from summer to fall. I don't really have a favorite season as there is something in each season that I love and look forward to but I do really enjoy fall. There is nothing quite like throwing on a blanket after getting the first chill of the season and all of the rich and beautiful colors of red, orange, brown, and yellow (Halloween is also a huge plus because I love the fun and spooky atmosphere.) I love seeing the stores displays with various fall decorations and can't wait to own my own apartment/place so that I can decorate my whole home with fun, rich decorations that make me feel cozy inside.

The white laundry baskets on the couch in the background are placed there so my dog doesn't jump on the couch and get fur everywhere - it's quite a pain to try and get fur off the material!
On to the outfit: I bought these white jean capris earlier in the summer and din't get as much use out of them as I orginally intended to so today I decided to throw them on. Ironic because yesterday was Labor Day and everyone always says how you cannot wear white after Labor Day. Yet there is word that fashionistas everywhere are breaking that trend and while I don't consider myself as part of that category, I'm feeling rebellious and felt the desire to rock them.

I am wearing: Jean Capris: (Gap); Shirt: (Target); Sandals: (Unlabeled); Headband: (Forever 21)

I came home in the afternoon to this HUGE zucchini in the kitchen. One of my relatives grew them in his garden and passed it along to us. I later made zucchnini cakes which were delicious yet there is still more than half of the whole vegtable left!

The rest of my outfit was simple and laidback. Later this evening, I went with another bunch of girlies to a bar in Stamford, Conneticut to play trivia and try their boxy potato panckakes. One word: delicious! I also had a pear and blu cheese salad and paired it with a Corona. All in all a fun night with great company and yummy food. Tomorrow I'm going to an afternoon Yankee game and am really excited as it's my first game of the season! Any Yankee fans out there? What teams do you follow whether it be baseball or another sport??



Collette Osuna said...

I love white, no matter what time of year it is...you look great in it:)

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Maddy said...

You can always make your own rule ;o) And even then, you can break them! Love the fall too! Yesterday I got to snuggle in with a blanket and it felt sooo nice!!