Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mike's Belated Birthday Weekend

Hello Lovelies,

So this post is featuring an outfit that I wore last weekend when my family and I went up to Boston to see Mike and celebrate his birthday; he turned 24 on July 26...Happy Birthday Mike! Nothing exciting really happened, we ran a couple of errands to help Mike get ready for the cruise. We had breakfast for dinner (always yummy) and then went back to his apartment for his cake and presents. I bought him a pair of Ray Band aviators that he has been looking for all summer. I hope he has put them to good use so far!

I am wearing: Dress: (Borrowed From Mom); Sandals: (Conways); Belt: (Vintage); Bag: (Spring)

It's official, I am obsessed with this bag. I can't help it; it goes perfectly with every outfit plus it's large enough to hold all of my necessary items. Definitely worth every penny! Last night I went to a friend's block party, so I will have a post on that outfit coming up. In the meantime, what did everyone do for their weekend?



Closet Fashionista said...

Love the dress! and yes, I can see why you are obsessed with that bag, its awesome :D

Maddy said...

Glad you're getting good use out of your yellow bag so far :) A pretty bag like that shouldn't be kept in hiding!

Join the Gossip said...

I think it is def a great bad. Perfect for summer!

Marta from With Love... said...

very cute look, the gold and yellow accessories are fantastic :)