Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Hello Lovlies,

I just got back from a fun filled short weekend with my cousin. She invited me for a girls night out and an overnight stay in the quaint little town of Princeton, New Jersey. We stayed at the Mariott Hotel, did some necessary shopping on the ride over, had dinner and drinks at a cozy hole in the wall restaurant called The Apothecary, and explored the cute storybook town of Princeton while treating ourselves to some tasty gelato.

We ended Friday night by going to the nearby movie theater and watching Sex and the City2. I have been eagerly anticipating this movie since August 2009 when I seriously considered auditioning for a role as an extra (I missed the auditions because of my work schedule.) While I initially planned on seeing it with my college friends, I'm happy that I experienced it with Lisa; she was the perfect girlie to watch it with. I've also had my outfit planned out for a while. I bought a"Carrie On" shirt when Sarah Jessica Parker had her clothing line at Steve and Barry's and I obviously had to have it, especially for price of 5 dollars. I would be stupid not to. I originally planned to wear my black booties with the outfit but switched to my Ferrar's because they felt more "Carrie." On to the movie...

While I love the entire Sex and the city franchise, I will say that I was slightly disappointed with the movie. Don't get me wrong, the fashion was amazing as well as the interior designs, the locations, and the acting. However, everything just seemed so unrealistic to me; the entire series is obviously unrealistic as it is hard for the average woman to obtain the same material things as these four characters do but come on, an all expensive paid vacation? Carrie suddenly running into Aiden halfway around the world? The nanny turning lesbian at the end? And what about the minor characters? As much as I love these four women, Harry, Steve, Smith, Stanford, and Anthony are huge scene stealer and the fact that they were in less than ten minutes all together of the movie was disappointing. But don't get me wrong, I left the theater feeling happy; I love the strong female bonds that the four women have and because my expectations were to just enjoy it, that's exactly what I did.


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