Monday, May 24, 2010

Bumble and Bumble

Hello Darlings,
Today I had an early appointment at the Bumble and Bumble studios down in the Meatpacking District. My mom drove me down so I was lucky enough not to have to take the subway down. There has been some construction going on on some of the tracks in the Bronx and it's been taking me alot longer to get down into Manhattan.

A little background on the Bumble and Bumble Model Project:
I signed up in January to be a "model client" and was approved. Basically, I had to go into their studio one evening and choose a style from various cuts that were being offered. Then, I had my hair evaluated to see if it was fitting enough for the particular style that the students were cutting. Thats right, it is a teaching environment, so instead of paying the outrageous price of getting your haircut in the city by professional hairstylists, I had mine cut free by students with the guidance of the professional teacher. After my evaluation in January, I booked a cutting appointment for the end of January, right before the start of my spring semester. Unfortunately it was canceled and I had to reschedule for May. Even though that made me go an insanely long period time without cutting my hair (I won't say how long, too embarrasing!) due to the cancelation, I was credited with getting a free Bumble and Bumble product. Along with hair cuts, they also offer free styling and free coloring.

I was very nervous going into the evaluation because there was such a long line of girls waiting to be evaluated and with the way the studio was structured, you could hear the stylists talking to the potential clients. Alot of girls were approved bu there were a selct few who were turned down because their hair was too fine or didn't have the right texture. Let me just say that made me feel defeated because I have very frizzy and havy hair. I straightened it before gogin down but missed one small section by the roots under my ear and the stylist caught it and cautioned that it was necessary for the client to come in with their natural hair; miraculariously though he approved me and I was signed up for the Long Layers: Scissors Cut.

Today, I finally went in and was grouped with about fifeteen other girls and each of us were assigned with a student. Mine was nice' slightly unprofessional but overall gave me a cut that I loved. While he did a good job, I will give aot of credit to the professional who was helping out the students. He knew exactly what he was talking about with each of the clients and could figure out the clients hair type with a simple glance. It was pretty amazing. The one complaint that I had was how long it took; about two and a half hours. I understand that because it is a learning environment the student needs to take their time to consider each snip in order to learn for themselves all the while making sure that the client is happy and satisfied (which I really was).However, the long breaks in between in order for the teacher to lecture about a certain way the cut had to be done was unecessarily long. Also, I loved the Bumble and Bumble products but my student got a little "product-happy" when my hair naturally dried after I left the studio (they didn't blow dry) it felt a little heavy and slightly greasy for the amount of product put in. I will say that I think my student did this because he didn't know what to do while standing around and waiting to ask a question regarding how to layer one section of my hair so he just sprayed. All is forgiven though!

I am wearing: Jeans:(Nine West); Shirt: (Unlabeled); Sweater: (Old Navy); Sandals: (I.F.)

The real test now is to see how it looks after I wash it and style it myself!
Click on the link to view the website if your ever in the city (for a slightly long period of time since you have to be evaluated one night and then book an appointment to get cut another night) Bumble and Bumble Model Project



Leah said...

That's a fabulous transformation... I love your hair now. xoxo

SogniSorrisi said...

What a great cut!

Couture Carrie said...

Very nice darling!
I love their free cuts!


rebecca said...

It looks lovely like this :)

Maddy said...

They did a good job! I also like your hair wavy! Looks very pretty and it's a perfect way to wear it this summer!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! Your hair looks amazing!! :)

Ashley said...

Your hair looks amazing! I can't believe they cut it for free, what an amazing opportunity! I wish I lived in the city, I would definitely want to try to get in on this!


Leia said...

whoaa i love your new hair!