Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Wedding...

Hello Beauties,

Sunday morning rolled around and because we weren't going to do any sightseeing, we slept in a little late. My mother, sister, cousins, aunt, and I tried to do some sightseeing around the neighborhood but everything worth seeing was two far of a drive out of town and we needed to be back by three in order to be ready for the ceremony at five. We drove around town, picked up some last minute supplies at the local CVS and eventually met up with my two uncles at a golf range. We rode on some go carts (I felt like I was a kid again, it was great!) and made our way home to shower, pamper, and get ready!

I got my picture with a cactus in front of the hotel!
I am wearing: Sunglasses: (Betsey Johnson); Shirt: (Hollister); Jeans: (Old Navy); Sandals: (Merona)
The getting ready process took alot less longer than I expected. I usually have my hair straight so this time I decided to curl it. I didn't have to waste 45 minutes of washing and drying because, according to several magazines, it is better to curl your hair when its a little dirty (I washed it the night before). I threw on my dress after it was ironed (Thanks Mommy!) and carefully did my makeup so as not to get anything smudged on my dress.
I keep my make up process very simple. I prefer the natural look to the heavily made up look. I believe that when you wear too much makeup you look terrible when your not seen wearing it, almost like your ill. Also, for the wedding, I wanted to have a classic feminine look so I stayed with my normal make up routine. One day, I swear, I will venture out of my smokey eyed and pink lips look. I promise!

My favorite part of my outfit were the shoes! I bought these babies a couple of weeks ago and I knew that I had to wear them to the wedding. They were definitely the statement making piece of my look and I even got a couple of compliments regarding them.

As for my outfit, the shape of my dress was very complimentary to my figure. It was tight in the stomach area and went A-line from my hips down. It hit just above my knees doesn't cut my leg off anywhere. Plus the five inch heels made me look leaner (why I ignore the eventual sting and focus on their benefits). Ultimately, I felt very Sex and the City-ish. Charlotte is my favorite character and wears clean cut dresses like this one and Carrie would take two different colored items and throw them together. My mom was against me wearing the fuchsia pink shoes with the blue and white dress but I personally say that they "match because they don't match."

I am wearing: Dress: (American Living); Shoes: (Jacqueline Ferrar); Hair Clip (Goody)

The bride and groom (my cousin was the groom) got married in the beautiful hotel that we were staying at and it was a lovely reception. It was short, sweet, and sentimental. The sun was setting and everyone looked amazing in their dresses and tuxedos.

At the reception

The bride and groom taking pictures post wedding

I am wearing: Shirt: (Charlotte Russe); Skirt: (Burlington)
After the dinner and alot of dancing (I did the Cupid Shuffle by myself on the dance floor - everyone walked off when I started to "walk it out") we went back to the room to get changed and went into the casino. I didn't gamble because I'm not of age but it was fun to see everyone reaction if they hit something big. My cousins, sister, and I also went to the pool to dip our feet in - we all had high heels and it felt AWESOME to put our feeties in the cold water. The night ended all too quickly and we went to sleep ready for the plane ride home. I didn't wear any special outfit worth posting - just some comfy sweats and a purple tee.
Tell me, are you going on any special getaways anytime soon,especially now that summer is right around the corner?


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love your dress!


Leia said...

I LOVE the shoes you wore to the wedding! :D

Emilie said...

Thank you for the comment and have fun!

SogniSorrisi said...

Great dress!

kirstyb said...

love your dress xxxx

S.Elisabeth said...

Looks like so much fun. And that dress looks fantastic on you (And agree those shoes are amazing!)

Kristin said...

What a pretty floral frock. Love the hair clip too!

Marz said...

Wow, the wedding looks lovely! I love the mountains in the background. Your dress is so pretty, you look so great!

lauren lanza osias said...

looove the fuchsia shoes!!!! things don't need to match mom! ;)

i'm headed to the mountains with a bunch of friends... but that's about it as far as getaways go...