Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break Recap Part 3

Hello Everyone,

This is going to be the final part of my Spring Break recaps. And this time I made sure to include pictures showing my whole outfit :)
Beautiful Boston In The Springtime
On Saturday, my parents, sister and I went up to Boston to see my brother who is currently in law school. Since he didn't have time to come down to the city to celebrate Easter with our whole family, we went up to him the day before. It's a five hour car ride from New York to Boston so I decided it was best to go for comfort yet still manage to look appropriate for pre-Easter celebrations.

I am wearing: Moccasins: (Route 69); Jeans: (Levi); Tank Top: (Forever 21);
Vest: (BCBG Max Azria); Sweater: (American Eagle)

After visiting Michael's apartment, we went to look around his school and I took some silly pictures :p After leaving his university, we took a walk around the river and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. We went to a mass at a beautiful gothic church for an Easter Vigil that took longer than expected. While the service was nice, we all left starving and grabbed dinner at a delicous steak house. After dinner, we said our sad goodbyes and then it was the long drive home back to New York.

Goofing Around Pretending To Be Elle Woods :p

Reading A Ridiculously Huge Textbook
On Easter Sunday, I got to sleep in a little late because we already went to mass the evening before. In the late morning, we went over to my aunt's house and spend a lovely couple of hours catching up over bagels and muffins and cooing over their new baby. He is so adorable, I love babies! :)

I am wearing: Boots: (Unlabeled); Jeans: (Levi); Sweater: (Burlington); Belt: (Burlington); Wallet: (Juicy Couture)

After breakfast, we went over to my other aunt and uncles's home and had a delicious dinner that she prepared. My mom's side of the family is Italian so I always look foward to gatherings and dinner because the company is always so warm and the dinner, delicous. Plus, my cousin also has two small children, one is four and the other is 11 months. Easter was baby overload!

Colored Easter Eggs!

Overall, Easter was another great holiday filled with catching up, warm family hugs, and yummy food with lots of leftovers. On Monday I began the three hour drive back to Binghamton University and although I was extremely sad to leave my family again, I couldn't wait to see all of my college friends!

Have A Lovely Weekend Everyone!


Sherin said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love the top you're wearing!

daisychain said...

sounds like an amazing way to spend easter break x

nookie said...

seems you had a great break!

Maddy said...

Great little getaway! Love Boston! Would like to live there some day :)

Join the Gossip said...

Fun! I love Boston, only been once though. It's so rich in history that everything seems extra special there.