Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Recap Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been a long week at home on break but now I'm back to school. I'll admit this one thing: I miss my family!! However, I'm counting down the days until I can see them again when we all go to Phoenix; only two weeks. :)

The first couple of days were really slow. It was nice to be home, sleep in my own bed, and eat the delicious meals that my mom so perfectly makes. For the most part, I pretty much slept and worked on some school work. However, on Wednesday, things started to pick up. What started out as a mini ballroom trip in Manhattan with a small group of us snowballed into a huge group meandering about the streets.

We started out shopping for new ballroom shoes with only four of us. Then, because other dancers on the team live in the city area, our group grew to eight. It was great seeing everyone outside of campus! We grabbed lunch at this darling pizza joint then went shopping for some costumes for our upcoming competition in Boston. I found a statement making leopard print skirt with a simple black lacy top for the Latin dances. After shopping, we wandered into Little Korea and ate at a buffet styled restaurant. I was so excited because I have never eaten Korean food and it was a nice little change. I thought it was excellent; it kind of resembles Chinese food almost.

Shopping in Forever 21 - Spotted this darling dress and had fun trying on hats!

Charmed Mademoiselle!

Posing in the store

In the Little Korea Restauraunt

After dinner we went across the street and had some Pinkberry, which for those of you who are not familiar, is a frozen yogurt desert place with a million different types of toppings, almost like a Coldstone. The night didn't end at Pinkberry; we took the 6 train down to Soho and got some drinks at the fabulous bar on Mott and Spring Street. It was great because it was dimly lit and felt almost exclusive; we had our own little table in the corner and had a ton of laughs over some delicious drinks. It is hard to see my outfit but I am wearing Jeans (Levi); T-shirt (Charlotte Russe); Tank (Old Navy); Boots (Sister's); Jewelry (Mom's vintage collection); Jacket (The North Face); Bag (Juicy Couture).

Caramel Cherry Martini anyone?

The night finally ended and I waited for the Express Bus to take me back home. I left with some great new memories, closer friendships, and a great new Latin outfit for Competition.

There is just no place like New York City. None!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

Have A Lovely Day!


Join the Gossip said...

How awesome! I am jealous--you get Spring Break and a to be in NYC? =) Never been there but I'd love to visit soon!

deekkyy said...

Thanks for visit my blog :)

Maddy said...

NYC is never a dissappointment! There's always a million & one things to do! Glad you had a great Spring Break!

nookie said...

NYC rocks:)
loving the hat:)

daisychain said...

looks like fun!

Leia said...

I've never been to NYC & would love to visit one day! love hthat white dress.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh your trip to Forever 21 looks like so much fun! You did buy that dress, right? It looks gorgeous with your hair!! :)

LS said...

Oh it seems like you really enjoyed the big apple! I absolutely adore shopping at Forever 21 too just because you can find such fun pieces for such amazing prices!